Monday, November 13, 2006

Deja Furniture

It may be time to seriously consider joining Gregrandgar in returning to the "natural." I'm in the process of moving and I can hardly believe the amount of crap I have re-accumulated in just four short years.

Four years ago, alone in my house, wife vamoosed for a saner existence, I realized it was time to make some serious changes. A journey began that I know see as an eternal and ontological one. I sold nearly all I owned (I had to keep some of my clothes and my kitchen supplies as chef), but I let most of it go.

The twisted twist of fate began at the very moment I sold my things. A young woman I was rapidly falling for keep coming around my house buying up all my possessions. Guess what? We're getting married just four years later! I barely stopped living with the very things I wanted so desperately to escape. I was going for minimalism and ended up right back where I started. I want the woman, not the crap. It's starting to feel like a Borgesian labyrinth.

Tomorrow, I will move my/her things one more time to one more new "home." The best I can do is get rid of things every time I move. Maybe I should move more often?


gregrandgar said...

Maybe you could look at the part of you that accumulates conveniences, panaceas, boredome relief, impression makers, supplies for an unknown future and a plethora of other trappings of a society in an over the top thingathon. This is not an accusation of you but something I wish somebody had told me earlier. Now, all the bulk I have is books and this computer, but then I don't ever plan on moving again. Come to think of it, all the moves I have made over the past thirty years have been someone else's decision, fire, demolition, weather destruction. Live and learn, maybe.
But then again, there might be some natural law of ownership whose requirements you’ve not satisfied and you’re compelled to follow the furniture where ever it goes with whomever. Be happy, you’re moving in with someone you love (unless nature actually has a law of ownership) — you might be spending your days hanging around a used furniture store until they sell all your stuff and then have to visit several homes like a mother seeking a child she gave for adoption. I think I see a seed of a blog coming on.

troutsky said...

Its all relative, but for the record you don't have that much crap.(I know this from having carried some of it) A great book is called Material World, a Global Family Portrait ,showing families from all over the world with all their "stuff" lined up outside their house.Check out the Getu family from Ethiopia.And for every pound of books you get to deduct two pounds of TV so you are in great shape!

LeftyHenry said...

now that I look around my room/apartment, I notice that I definately keep alot of shit I don't need. trash like old shoes that don't fit, a random amp (no clue how that got there. I've never played guitar or any instrument for that matter!), a collection of battered up hockey sticks, some cardboard boxes, oh and a copy of animal farm.

cindy said...

nice blog

mullet said...

i think i know what you mean??

We seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about how to dispose of this 'rubbish'. It's on a loop. it becomes a part of us - how we live. I'm on the brink of giving it all up, at once....what stops us?

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