Saturday, October 13, 2007

Anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War


LeftyHenry said...

This is a really good video, but while it does a good job of illustrating the successes of worker's power, I think it ignores the role communists also played in organizing for this. But also I think its important to realize that one factory takeover, or 10 or even a small region is a tremendous gain for the working class, but where does it get us? There needs to be a plan for this otherwise there is inefficiency. That was illustrated in how barter was the only way to get goods. All in all I'm glad you posted this and I happened upon it. BTW check out my new blog, I'll be linking.

Ché Bob said...


The role of the communists in the Spanish Revolution cannot be underestimated! In fact, such a statement cannot be overstated! The communists in Spain were responsible for yet another heinous betrayal of the hope of a better future. Whatever the shortcomings and failures of the anarchists, their biggest failure was putting any faith in the communists and socialists that they cared to see the revolution succeed.

I would definitely encourage you to pick up a copy of Murray Bookchin's Spanish Anarchists

At the same time, I think a plan/ structure for the society in which there will be social and economic justice is a good thing. I just don't want politicos deciding that structure for me, even if we sacrifice efficiency.

blackstone said...

Yes, we can't ignore the role of communists, or in this case Stalinists or better yet, authoritarian communists/socialists. As i've posted elsewhere, yes there needs to be a plan and of course there where plans proposed by CNT which were efficient, much more so than that of USSR and China, however,due to certain circumstances the spanish revolution was short lived, but we learned alot!

I believe visions such as participatory economics and decentrally planned economies are the way to go to handle allocation and distribution.

In any case, good video!

Power to the People

LeftyHenry said...

I disagree. The International Brigades, which were soviet trained, armed, and funded brigades of volunteers along with Soviet Air force was decisive in beating back francos forces and Hitler and Mussolinis air aid to Franco. The only reason the civil war lasted as long as it did and was not defeated within the first year was because the International Brigades arrived during the battle of madrid and turned the tide.

What brought down the Spanish Revolution was sectarianism plain and simple. On both sides. Its dangerous to blame one side like that I think it was the MISTRUST of the anarchists by communists and communists by anarchists that brought down the revolution contrary to what you claim.

The point I was trying to make with factory seizures is that worker seized factories will be forced to capitalist conditions unless there is a socialized plan for the entire economy.