Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Best of MESSI: Top 17 Goals

And to think Lionel Messi is only 20 years old...scary!!!

Besides, he plays for the world's greatest club: FC Barcelona. A team worthy of support for refusing to sell the front of its jersey to sponsors. Instead, they are donating $1.9 million to set up international cooperation programs by supporting the UN Millennium Development goals. Furthermore, their jerseys don the UNICEF logo instead of some huge multi-national corporation, which helps promote the UN's efforts. FC Barcelona is also the bastion of anti-fascist resistence and a team owned by their fans!

Forza Barca!


Phil BC said...

Good stuff! The only team owned wholly by fans and run by them in Britain is the lowly Ebbsfleet United!

Jen said...

The man is magic, MESSI MAGIC! Like a gift from the heaven, he IS the perfect player! He plays the game the way it should be, not over aggregated or cocky. He's not there to win an Oscar for best drama. His godly talent, modesty and love for the game shine through and he is pure joy to watch!

Anonymous said...

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