Saturday, March 15, 2008

Missoula's Labor Film Festival and the Bay Area's Anarchist Book Fair

Damn! I'm jealous! Another year, another Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, and I'm not there. My friend in Oakland tells me about this every year and I still haven't had the fortune of being there.

Check out the link and see for yourself what makes this event so amazing. There are many video posts and descriptions of the kinds of books and vendors that are present.
Last night, Missoula hosted the first night of their 3rd annual Labor Film Festival in the Roxy Theater. I'm proud to say it, but there were more Wobblies in attendance than any other single union! (Way to go Wobs)! There were three great films, including Morristown (which I borrowed from the organizers to show to my class!), all about the devastating effects of trade liberalization on Mexico and the U.S. The film is an excellent discussion with U.S. workers whose lives have been ruined by NAFTA and corporate off-shoring.

Tonight there are two more films, including a film by Ken Loach called Bread and Roses. We will also be raffling off some prizes, including a $200 gas card, a .22-caliber semi-automatic rifle (I hope a Wobbly doesn't win it, then people will think we are arming ourselves!), and many other things.

Montanans continue to express interest in the IWW as our numbers and community support grows. Our presence is increasingly noticeable; we are seeing our decals, buttons and t-shirts around on the streets. Fights are brewing, so bosses beware!


troutsky said...

Thanks for all your hard work (Jodi too) I ALMOST feel bad about taking off when so much is starting to gell but I will return from my Communist sponsored trip to Calif tanned ,rested, and ready to fuck shit up.
ps We need to connect with Michele and Claire.

beakerkin said...

Anarchists are too stupid to be evil.
Of course at the right time Che Sponge Bob will pull an Old Yeler. Unlike lab rats anarchists never learn commies are hazardous to their health.

FYI 3/4 of the books are probably pop
up books.

Renegade Eye said...

Be sure to see Ken Loach's "Land and Freedom," about the Spanish Civil War, based on "Homage To Catalonia."

Beakerkin's politics are mostly unknown. It depends who he talks to.

Che: Seriously can you clearly state one political position Beakerkin holds? What is he hiding?

blackstone said...

I never went to the fair, what have you heard about it?

beakerkin said...

The toilet Trotskyite goon is repeating my critiques of him. My positions are quite stable wherever I
go, unlike his own.

Commies are known for burning books
and creating non-people.

Viva Stupidity

Renegade Eye said...

Beakerkin: You only attack others. You have no positions of your own. If you do, they are lost in incoherency.

Graeme said...